Christine Lagarde: The IMF is satisfied with the implementation of the "Extended Funding Program"

2018-04-12   Уншсан тоо: 569

Mongolian Prime MInister U.Khurelsukh met with Executive Director of International Monetary Fund Christine Lagarde during the Boao Summit.

Mongolia's successful implementation of the "Extended Funding Program", said the Prime Minister, as economic growth accelerates, investment growth and fiscal balance are improving. He also thanked to IMF for supporting the economic crisis. The Government of Mongolia intends to improve budget discipline and reduce budget deficits by reducing spending, as well as diversifying the economy into multi-pillars.
The IMF is satisfied with the implementation of the "Extended Financing Program", and expressed confidence that Mongolia will continue to implement the measures in place, according to Christine Lagarde. She said that the IMF team will work in Mongolia in June and discuss the implementation of the program with relevant Mongolian authorities.
Prime Minister U. Khurelsukh invites Christine Lagard, executive director of the IMF, to visit Mongolia in a timely manner, reported by The Government Media and Public Relations Department.