Human resources

2017-01-01   Уншсан тоо: 1684

Transparency of the human resource

According to 20th enactment which adopted by Parliament in 2012, there must be a respectively single position for Chief Cabinet Secretary, Senior Deputy Chief, and Deputy Chief at Cabinet Secretariat of Government of Mongolia. Also, it has enacted the organization structure as the maximum number of staffs should be 112.

- Policy and Coordination Department

- Local Government and Development Department

- Legal Department

- Inspection, Evaluation and Internal Audition Department

- Information Technology Department

- Press and Public Relation Office

- Council of Innovation Policy Office

- State Protocol Office

- Prime Minister’s Office

- Deputy Minister’s Office


The ethical code of the staff:

Ethical code of the public servants

The manual for coordinating the implementation of the ethical code of the public servants, and reviewing impropriety cases